The Story...


This is the story of how I turned getting stood up into a company that empowers women...


It all started innocently enough. I decided to do something nice for a guy one day. 

I was going to make him a pie. 

I had never made a pie before so naturally, it took all day.

As so many well intended stories end, I found myself in the middle of my kitchen

with 5 minutes left on my oven timer reading the fateful text...

"I'm not going to make it."


If you've ever been stood up before, you know what I mean and if you've never been stood up before, honestly you should try it. There is a moment of feeling let down by the human race and then you are faced with a decision.

Either dwell in that feeling or do something that makes you feel better. I decided on the latter. But first, I had to eat half of the pie by myself... Because that's what you do when you get stood up. And it was pretty great. Maybe the best pie I'd ever had.


Women get this super power when they are trying to impress a guy.

We bring all of our creative energy and talent, all of our care and thought to meals in the hopes it will dazzle. On this evening, I dazzled myself. 


Now, I couldn't let him get away with his misstep so easily.

He was going to have to know what he missed. He was going to have to pay. 

As with any first time cooking expedition, there were some left over parts out of which a second smaller pie was born.

The gorgeous lattice work I had done on the first pie was not fitting for this new message. 

No, this pie needed to be a statement piece. I turned to the internet. Downloaded a photo of a middle finger, cut it out of pie dough and layed it on top. 


There is something thrilling about leaving a 'fuck you pie' on a man's doorstep and walking away. I felt like Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale when she packed her cheating husband's clothes up in his car and lit it on fire. 

I'm sure I looked less cool but dropping off his pie and running away was fun.

Later that night when I received the "Thanks for the Fuck You Pie" text, 

I knew good work had been done on behalf of all women. 


I should note, this is a good guy and I was 100% sure that my pie was going to be received with a huge laugh, as intended. 

But when I retold the story of how I sent a guy a 'Fuck You Pie', 

it resonated...


My story hit a nerved I had not intended and suddenly I found myself in a whirlwind of encouragement to become a SUPER HERO. I had killed with kindness and humor and out of these conversations with my girlfriends, an idea was born.

You should build a website...

Call it Revenge Pies, accept stories and

deliver anonymous 'Fuck You Pies' through out the city.

So, I did.

But no one ever sent me a story. Instead, people just wanted pie. 

Holiday after holiday the orders flooded in. I went from baking in my apartment to my mom's house. And then into a commercial kitchen in the back of a bar.


I started teaching my pie tricks at Workshop SF…

And that might have been the moment I realized that I had a skill and an ability

to connect people's lives to cooking that was unique.

Remember, I am not a baker or a chef.

I'm a girl who got stood up who has suddenly found herself in a shitstorm of interest.


And that's when UberEats called...

[Let me just preface this with... We live in a land where if you can involve large companies in your small concept, you can do some real good for the city and those who tech may displace. For instance, create a company and hire women, musicians and artists. Give them jobs and the freedom to represent themselves fully in the workplace. Use your knowledge and resources to encourage and contribute to their ideas and projects. Create community, stock your shop with local products, promote local makers through your platform and actually talk to people, face to face. Inspire people to make things with their hands and hearts.] 


Okay, back to the story... We were renting a commercial kitchen in the back of a bar. Cooking and baking for bar customers while we filled pie orders. When UberEATS asked us to become a restaurant partner. Which was weird because we weren't a restaurant. We were a pop-up. Actually, it was just me and my mom in the back of a bar while there was a drag queen show bustling by.

Never one to back away from a challenge, I agreed to build a full restaurant menu to offer the UberEATS world and suddenly, we were cooking.


Then they asked us to be their Thanksgiving promotion to create a special Uber pie to offer to the entire ridership and UberEATS customer base in the Bay Area.

And this is where I thought about some good I could do... through tech.


So I asked my pals and teachers at Workshop SF to join me for a spotlight article on the work they do in the arts and music worlds of San Francisco, they were game. 

Hooray for local DIY artists!


A few months later, the bar where we were cooking sold and we had to find new digs...

This next part was just funny luck. At the same time, San Franpsycho was closing it's coffee and ice cream shop Sunday's.

In a few weeks after the closing of The Residence, we were opening our first store front in the Inner Sunset. 

Which is where we hung our hat 7 days a week for 2 years.

Also in the last 2 years…

We killed the pie game at Off The Grid, Fort Mason 2017

Were featured in The San Francisco Chronicle as

the cover of the Home + Food Sunday section. 

Appeared on local TV show Adobo Nation. 

Joined the Google campus to serve our savory lunch pies.

Added 3 kick-ass Lady Makers to our shop offerings.

Made it through our most epic holiday season ever.

Were featured in 7x7 Magazine as 1 of 6 "Women Owned Businesses That Are Killing It." 

Made pies for the hit Broadway musical, Waitress.

Were featured in The San Francisco Chronicle as one of the top Bay Area Bakeries for pies.

Had the Mayor by for a visit and even got to hand her one of our famous Fuck You Pies.


Inspired district supervisors to sponsor legislation to help small businesses

to co-habitate brick and mortars in San Francisco. 

Were featured on the cover of Edible SF.

And were able to employ 40+ women with jobs.

So, how do you get a pie?

For sweet pies by the slice, you can visit Russian Hill's newest bar/restaurant, Macondray.

For our deep fried savory pies, you can stop by Casement's in the Mission.

If you'd like to take a pie class we have dates available here.

And as always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

Oh... and what happened with the guy? 

He finally showed up for his pie.